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Win your License Restoration or Clearance Appeal the first time, Guaranteed.


A good strategy can make a huge difference right away.


Stay out of Jail, save your Record, and avoid Difficult Probation.

Jeffrey J. Randa
  • Get the very best results possible in your Michigan OWI case - bar none.
  • Win your driver's license restoration case the first time around - guaranteed.
  • I provide a superior level of DUI and limited, charge-specific criminal defense representation to protect the critical interests of busy and professional people.
  • I guarantee to win your Michigan driver's license restoration or clearance case if I accept it.
  • Explore my blog - it's easily searchable and entirely written by me - for more useful information about license restoration, drunk driving and criminal cases than you'll find anywhere else.

Michigan DUI and Driver’s License Restoration Attorney

A DUI CASE in the Greater-Detroit (Tri-County) area is different than one being heard in some distant Michigan Court. This is precisely why I handle drinking and driving charges only in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne Counties. If you have been charged with a DUI anywhere in Metro-Detroit, you need a lawyer who regularly handles DUI cases in the court where your case is pending. Because I have practiced in the same local courts, day-in and day-out, for more than 25 years, I know exactly how to get the best results.

An experienced DUI lawyer knows that Michigan OWI cases are won or lost based upon the evidence, and if there’s a problem with it in your case, I'll keep it out of court. Even when the charge against you is rock solid, I will work out the most lenient result possible, wherever in the Detroit area your charge is pending. Knowledge may be power, but experience means knowing how to use it for your best advantage.

Whether your DUI charge is a 1st offense, 2nd offense or even a 3rd offense (felony), your interests must be kept safe. Good results are the product of good work, not good luck. I will protect your driver's license, your job, and your freedom so that you can keep your life intact.

IF YOU'VE LOST YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE for multiple DUI's, I guarantee, if I take your case, to win it back from the Michigan Secretary of State's Administrative Hearing Section (now the AHS, and formerly known as the DAAD). If you've moved out of state, I will obtain a clearance of the Secretary of State's hold on your driving record, no matter where in the world you live now. When I'm done, you will be able to drive again, legally!

Because I am a genuine Michigan driver’s license restoration lawyer, and not just some lawyer who "does" license reinstatement cases, I have developed a proven system to get you back on the road, and I back up my promises with a first-time win guarantee in every Michigan license restoration or clearance appeal case I file. This means there's no risk - you'll only pay once to win your license back or get your clearance.

WHEN IT COMES TO MONEY, I am completely upfront about my fees and publish them here, on this site. I provide exceptional representation in my areas of practice. To make things as convenient and simple as possible, all case screenings are done over the phone (confidentially, of course), right when you call. 

THERE IS NO OFFICE more helpful or nicer than mine. My staff and I are friendly and down to earth. We'll be glad to answer your questions honestly and without any pressure tactics. Whether you're looking to put a valid driver's license back in your wallet, or you need to hire a local, Detroit-area DUI or criminal attorney, you'll find us here, ready to help, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, at (586) 465-1980.

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Contact Us (586) 465-1980