Picture of Ann

I’m short in stature but tall on advice, I guess that comes from living life. I went to Utica High and was an avid member of the high school band. I’ve marched in the Thanksgiving Day and Peach Parades. I studied music at the summer program at Northwestern University, served chili dogs on a bun at the local A & W, I’ve rode a horse and shot a gun. I like to do yard work, plant flowers, and cook. I have an old dog and wore high heels, now I’ve switch that up with slacks and flats and I used to have a big fat cat. I have sported long hair, curly hair, short hair too and truth be known used a dye or two.

I’ve raised four children, not all alike, and experienced the life of a military wife. I’ve used a wall phone, flip phone and struggled to figure out my new IPhone. I’ve typed on a typewriter, shopped at Montgomery Wards, spent my teenage years every Friday night at the drive inn, wore out all my vinyl records, still watch Days of Our lives recorded on a VCR and at one time had no clue what Facebook meant nor realized that texting was the new way to vent.

At times, it’s hard to remember my more than two handfuls of grandkids ages, I can’t imagine life without them as they make me so proud and warm my heart.

I have shaken many hands, wiped away the tears, and heard many stories of ones greatest fears. I have learned that life has its up and downs and that’s ok, as it is what it is, and that’s what made me who I am today.

I enjoy staying busy, love my job, and I am happy and honored to be the “SENIOR” legal assistant of thirteen years plus to this office and one that I call my extended family.

Contact Us (586) 465-1980
Contact Us (586) 465-1980