Beating a Michigan DUI Charge

Getting Your OWI Charge Dismissed

You have no chance to beat a Michigan DUI charge unless you search for a way out of it. That means examining all the evidence carefully. Drunk driving cases don't dismiss themselves, nor do prosecutors or Judges dismiss them, unless they have no other choice. Moreover, no one, from the police officer that made the arrest, to the Judge or the prosecutor assigned to the case, cares how much you "can't have" a DUI on your record, or how disastrous it will be for you. To get "out" of a drunk driving charge, you're going to have to force someone's hand. As a Detroit-area DUI lawyer, that means I must look for and find something wrong with the evidence.

The Traffic Stop and Alcohol Tests

Two of the best places to find something helpful are the traffic stop and the breath or blood tests. In order to successfully challenge a traffic stop, one has to know the law, and how local courts interpret it. We do. First, we will obtain and review the police report and other relevant evidence, like the police car dash cam video. Not surprisingly, the way the case is written up by the police will always "justify" the arrest, so it’s my job to scrutinize everything. You can be sure the officer isn’t going to say he or she pulled you over for no reason. This makes it all the more important for me and my team to investigate thoroughly, and get a copy of that police in-car video to establish what really happened. Getting that video is standard practice in almost every DUI case we handle.

Examining the Evidence

To challenge a breath or blood test, you have to know the underlying science, and how anything, like a health condition (like hypoglycemia, for example), can affect the results. In addition, being a Tri-County DUI attorney means knowing how the many local Judges here in Oakland, Macomb and Wayne Counties interpret that science. This is an important part of what separates local DUI lawyers, like us, from other lawyers who just "do" drinking and driving cases as part of a larger, more general practice, or who will take cases anywhere and all over the state.

I could write endlessly about what could, might, or should be, but anyone facing a DUI is far better served by focusing on how things are, in the real world, where your case will be decided. When we discover something big enough to knock out a DUI, it's almost always because we looked hard at every last bit of evidence. It's not normal for the police to make mistakes so catastrophic that it’s obvious to the untrained eye that the case won’t stand up in court. Instead, it takes a careful review of all of the evidence to find anything (and often enough, just that one little thing) that can be used leverage your way out of a drunk driving charge. Although most DUI cases don’t get thrown out of court, we almost always find something that can at least help get your charge reduced through plea bargain negotiations.

The real point here is that in order to have any chance of getting your drunk driving charge dismissed, we first have to look, and know what we're looking for. My team and I know the way around these issues because it's what we do all day, each and every day. Even in cases where things might first appear clear-cut, or otherwise hopeless, there are all kinds of things that can be done to get a DUI charge (usually written up as "OWI" or "Operating While Intoxicated") dismissed, or at least substantially reduced.

Making Things Better for You

The bottom line is that just as a sick patient looks to their doctor for help in getting better, so a DUI client looks to his or her attorney for help in making things better. If you're facing a DUI, we will fight for you and protect you using all of the knowledge and the experience honed in our decades of practicing as a genuine Detroit-area (Oakland Macomb and Wayne County) DUI lawyers, and will make sure that whatever the facts of your case, we produce the very best outcome possible.

Client Reviews
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Thank you for your knowledge and help in winning restoration of my driving privileges. I tried before on my own, lost (of course) and am glad I found your site. Katie
Just wanted to thank you for winning my license appeal. I was so happy when I got the letter in the mail that said I had won. I thank you so much for all your help and would be so happy to give your name to anyone who needs to get their license back. Mike
I wanted to thank you for taking my case. I would tell anybody trying to get their License back they need to talk to you. I should have done this a long time ago. Doug