Clearances for Those Who no Longer Live in Michigan

If a person once lived in Michigan, and had a Michigan driver’s license that was revoked for multiple DUI’s, he or she will find themselves unable to obtain a license in another state because of what is called a Michigan “hold” upon their driving record. I can fix that problem the first time around, and I back that up with a guarantee.

This means, for example, that if Dan the Driver used to live in Michigan, and while he was here, he accumulated multiple DUI convictions before he moved out, once he goes to the DMV of his new state, he’ll find out that he needs a “clearance” of those Michigan revocations before he can get a License.

This also holds true if any one, or even all of his DUI’s came from other states. Lets say Dan lived in Michigan until 2005. In 2001, he got his first DUI in Ohio. Then, in 2004, he picked up his second here, in Michigan. His Michigan license will still be revoked by the Michigan Secretary of State for picking up 2 DUI’s within 7 years. He would be revoked in the same way even if both of his DUI’s occurred in Ohio, and neither in Michigan.

The point is that if you had a Michigan license, and you racked up multiple DUI’s, no matter what state or states in which they occurred, and your Michigan license was thereafter revoked, you will be unable to obtain a driver’s license in another state until you clear the Michigan revocation you’re your driving record. “Clearing” is spoken of in two ways, each of which means the same thing: Clearing a “hold” or obtaining a “clearance.” No matter how you word it, the result is that Michigan’s revocation, which is seen as a “hold” in any other state, is removed.

If you live outside of Michigan and your Michigan driver’s license has been revoked for multiple DUI”s, you can only obtain that clearance from the Michigan Secretary of State’s Driver Assessment and Appeal Division, known as the DAAD.

A person who still lives in Michigan can only obtain Restoration of their Michigan driver’s license. A non-resident cannot obtain a Michigan driver’s license, and a resident of Michigan cannot obtain a “clearance.” It really translates to this: If you live here, you get a license back. If you’ve moved out of Michigan, the Secretary of State cannot give you, as a non-resident, any kind of Michigan license, but can instead release the “hold” created by your revocation:

  • Former Michigan Resident: Only eligible for clearance to get out of state License
  • Current Michigan Resident: Only eligible for restored Michigan license.

Although less common, I’ve handled license appeal cases for people who have NEVER had a Michigan driver’s license but have picked up multiple DUI’s here, and have had their Michigan driving privileges revoked. The Michigan Secretary of State, which has NO authority over a license issued by another state, has the power to forbid someone to drive in this state, no matter where their License was issued. Thus, the Secretary of State can completely revoke a person’s ability to drive within Michigan, even though it cannot exercise any authority over a license issued by another state.

This only becomes a problem when the person goes to renew their license in their home state. As it turns out, Michigan’s revocation of the person’s privileges to drive within the state of Michigan operates EXACTLY like a hold upon the person’s license, and, even though they’ve never had a Michigan license, and do not, and may have never lived here, they’ll still have to obtain a full clearance identical to what a former Michigan resident will have to do in order to obtain (or renew) a license in another state.

I can help. As long as you've really quit drinking, I will win a clearance of the Michigan hold on your driving record so that you can obtain or renew a license in another state, and get on with life, guaranteed.

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