Driver's License Restoration

Driver's license If you've lost your Michigan driver's license for multiple DUI convictions, I can get you back on the road again, legally. And I GUARANTEE it.

If you cannot obtain (or renew) a driver's license in another state because of a Michigan Revocation or "hold" for multiple DUI's, I will win a clearance of that hold so that you can. And I GUARANTEE it.

As a Michigan Driver's License Restoration Lawyer, I do 2 things:

  1. I win driver's license restoration appeals for Michigan residents whose Licenses have been revoked for multiple DUI convictions.
  2. I obtain clearances of a Michigan revocation hold for people who now live outside of Michigan so that they can go to the DMV in their new state and obtain (or renew) a driver's license there.

Winning back your license, or the ability to get one, means that you will no longer be stuck "bumming" rides. Say goodbye to being dependent on everyone else to get around and hello to being independent once again. Doesn't that sound good?

I Guarantee that I will win your Michigan driver's license reinstatement or clearance case the first time around, or else I will continue to Represent you before the Michigan Secretary of State's Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD) without further attorney fees until you do. I bank on success the first time. I want to do everything right and win the first time as much as you do, and with my guarantee, I am literally "invested" in doing just that. My guarantee removes any element of risk - if you hire me, you will win your appeal. There's no need to worry about losing your money, or your appeal when success is guaranteed.

To learn about the Michigan driver's license restoration process in detail, or more about why you should hire a Michigan drivers license reinstatement attorney click around the following sections of this website. Additionally, scroll through the DRIVER'S LICENSE RESTORATION section of my BLOG, where I have more useful information about every facet and step of the license appeal process than you can find anywhere.

Not having a license can be very difficult. Aside from the obvious things, like not being legally able to drive (and scared as heck if you do), even simple things like cashing or writing checks, or proving your age or identity, become difficult and embarrassing. Losing your license truly proves how complicated life can be without one, and how great it will be to get it back!

This is why I really enjoy being a Michigan drivers license attorney. I enjoy helping people get their Michigan driver's license reinstated, or clear a Michigan "hold" on their driving record that prevents them from obtaining a License in another state. My client's gratitude after winning is priceless!

For all the space that could be wasted cataloging my successes, I make it much simpler: I guarantee I will win your case and get you back on the road. Imagine how much better your life will be when you can legally drive and don't have to "bum" rides anymore!

Call me when you're ready to get behind the wheel again, with a valid driver's license in your wallet.

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