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I guarantee that I will win your Michigan Driver’s License Restoration or Clearance case the first time around, or else I will continue to represent you before the Michigan Secretary of State Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD), without further Attorney Fees, until I do.

If you hire me, I’ll get you back on the road. It’s that simple

I can make this Guarantee because I have standards far above just taking money to handle every case that presents itself. I require that a person must really be Sober before I’ll represent them, and I screen potential Clients to make sure that they are both legally and really eligible to file and win their Appeal.

I am honest and I play by the rules. Being truthful adds an immeasurable and priceless advantage to our Appeal, and accounts for why I win almost every one of my cases the first time.

Honesty, Sobriety, and a Guarantee – it’s a winning combination

See the “Michigan Driver’s License Restoration First Time Win Guarantee” section for further details.

Contact Us (586) 465-1980
Contact Us (586) 465-1980