How I Do License Appeals

Here's how a Michigan driver’s license reinstatement case is handled in my Office, from your first call through winning back your License:

About half of my Clients live rather far away,  so convenience is important.  Whether you live an hour away, or live across the country, you'll only have to make two trips back to the Detroit area: one trip to see me, and a second, a few months down the road, to attend your License Hearing.

There are a few criteria that must be decided before I will agree to be your Michigan drivers license restoration attorney. When you call, I need to figure out your situation. Even before determining if you’re legally eligible to file a License Appeal, I need to know if you are Sober. You will also need to have been off of any Probation or Parole for a while, as well.

I won't take a case while a person is still drinking. Beyond having a minimum period of Sobriety, a person must be committed to remaining Sober. Sobriety is a non-negotiable first requirement for me to agree to be your Michigan drivers license reinstatement attorney.

The first official step in a Michigan license restoration appeal is to file a Request for Hearing along with a completed Substance Abuse Evaluation form (issued by the state), as well as the appropriate Letters of Support with the Michigan Secretary of State's Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD). Before you ever even take this "official" first step, I control and manage things by verifying the proper completion of these documents.  This is why I can Guarantee a first time win. 

Thus, the first step in my Office is to meet with you before you undergo The Substance Abuse Evaluation, in order to prepare you for it. Because this Evaluation is really the foundation of your Michigan license reinstatement case, we'll spend about 3 hours at our first meeting preparing for this critically important step.  Legally speaking, the Evaluation must be both accurate, and favorable.  In reality, it has to be "watertight."

If you live outside of the Metro-Detroit area, we'll set it up so that you have your Evaluation completed at a local Clinic located a few blocks from my Office when you come to meet with me.  We'll schedule things so that you'll will meet with me first, then go directly from my Office to that Clinic, a few blocks away.  If you live in the Metro-Detroit area, you have a lot more flexibility as to when to have your Substance Abuse Evaluation completed.

The Evaluators at this Clinic have the highest degree of integrity and skill, and, to top it all off, they charge less than most other places. I also have several other top-notch Evaluators that I can use, but the convenience and quality of this nearby Clinic makes it my first choice. They do a remarkably good job in providing the DAAD with an accurate and appropriately detailed Evaluation.  They also do the required urinalysis when you're there.

“Letters of Support” must also be filed with the DAAD.  While I will certainly provide some sample copies of these Letters to you at our first meeting, and go over how we'll eventually get them to a finished product, given the overwhelming importance of the Support Letters in a Michigan drivers license restoration appeal, you can be sure that I will carefully edit and revise them for you.  My job is to put together a winning case, and I back that up with a first time win Guarantee.  As a result, you can expect we'll both be doing a lot of work on the Letters.  

It takes about two weeks for the Evaluation to be completed. You'll tell the Evaluator to mail a copy to both you and to me. Once I receive it, I will carefully review it, and then double-check it again, to make sure that it's accurate, favorable, and “watertight.”  I'll give the same treatment to the Letters of Support.

When everything is ready, we’ll file it for you.

In about a month or so, we’ll receive notice of the date and time for your actual Michigan license restoration appeal hearing. I have all of my cases set for a live, in-person Hearing at the Livonia branch of the DAAD. I appear before each of the five Hearing Officers there regularly and I know what is important to each of them.  This is critical because it allows me to prepare you for exactly how the Hearing will be conducted by the specific Hearing Officer to whom it is assigned.

In every case I file, I believe it is extremely important that I “prep” you the night before your actual Hearing.  I usually do it after-hours so I can concentrate on your case without distraction. This “prep session” usually takes about an hour.  We'll cover everything necessary to win the next day, but we won't be talking about witnesses. I never call witnesses. Witnesses are only a liability, and calling them is an amateur mistake. I'll explain that in more detail when you come in.

The next day, we'll go in for the Hearing, which will last less than an hour.  We'll walk into the Hearing room ready to win.  We will have prepared your case so that it’s a winner on paper. The Evaluation will be strong, favorable, and “watertight.” The Letters of Support will be relevant and helpful.  We'll have the confidence of knowing that, above and beyond all of our preparations, we are going in to tell the truth about your Sobriety, and that counts for a lot.  We'll leave the Hearing room knowing we did well.  Several weeks later, we'll receive your decision:

For you, that means finally slipping a valid Driver's License back into your wallet!

As your Michigan drivers license attorney, that means another first-time win under my belt.