How to Obtain a Copy of Your Michigan Driving Record

Getting a copy of your Michigan Driving Record is the single best thing a person considering a License Appeal should do. That Record will not only spell out exactly when a person becomes eligible to file for a Michigan Driver’s License Restoration, but will also give the specifics that I will need in order to work with the Client, and the Substance Abuse Evaluator will need to complete their Assessment.

In a blog article I published some time ago, I outlined the procedure for obtaining a copy of your Driving Record to begin a License Appeal.

For those that live here, in Michigan, all they need to do is walk into any Secretary of State Branch Office and buy a copy of their Driving Record. The cost is $7, and proper ID is required. The Record will be provided right then and there.

Those who live out-of-state, or too far from a Branch Office, can “send in” for a copy. It takes a few weeks to get one by mail.

Even if a person is absolutely sure of all the relevant dates from their Driving Record, reviewing it is the first thing I do when I meet a Client.

In many cases, these Records can be confusing. I’m always happy to read a copy of a Driving Record for anyone considering a License Appeal.

Because obtaining this Record requires so little effort and expense, it really is the first thing a person should do as they start giving serious thought to getting back on the Road.

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