Michigan Driver's License Reinstatement First Time Win Guarantee

Thanks to years of experience as a Michigan drivers license attorney, I Guarantee that I will win any Michigan driver’s license restoration (or Clearance) Appeal the first time the Appeal is filed. If I do not, then I will continue to Represent my Client without further Fee before the Michigan Secretary of State’s Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD) until they win their Michigan license reinstatement appeal, or a Clearance for any Hold in those cases involving out-of-state residents.

What’s the catch?

There is none. Unless a Client withholds vital information from me that is crucial to the Appeal, this Guarantee applies. And make no mistake, I don’t expect the Client to know what’s vital; I’ll be filling out my own "checklist" and asking about everything “vital” at our first meeting, which normally lasts about 3 hours. Withholding, in this sense, would involve something like admitting to drug use at the Hearing that was not previously revealed to me when I asked about it.

I offer my Guarantee because I know exactly how to win a Michigan license restoration appeal.  I make sure that everything is done correctly. I don’t accept every license appeal that comes my way, either. Amongst other things, I absolutely require that anyone I represent have at least one year of Sobriety, with at least several months of that Sobriety demonstrably voluntary, and that they be firmly committed to not drinking anymore.

I charge $3750 for a Driver’s License Restoration case (beginning with $1250 down) because I make my living winning these Appeals the first time, and I back that up with this Guarantee. Having to gear up for a second try would double my workload and cut my income in half. I am, quite literally, invested in winning the first time around. I want each and every Client to win their first Appeal as much as they do. My Guarantee offers a safety net for anyone who hires me, although no one really wants to have to collect on that Guarantee anymore than I want to have to fulfill it. As a Michigan drivers license reinstatement attorney, I make sure I do everything right the first time. I ensure that my Client will soon be driving again, instead of bumming for rides for the next year.

It’s that simple.