Michigan Drivers License Restoration Attorney

Why Hire me as Your Michigan Drivers License Attorney?

The short answer is that I Guarantee I will win your License Appeal. You simply cannot do better than that. This completely removes any risk as you decide upon a Michigan driver's license reinstatement Attorney. But there is MUCH more to this than just a Guarantee.

I don’t just take any case. I will only accept cases for people who are really Sober, meaning alcohol-free, and committed to remaining that way. This has NOTHING to do with AA, by the way - about half of my Clients do not go to AA, and the other half do.

It does, however, have EVERYTHING to do with being honest, and truthful. I don’t try and “game” or scam the system. I am honest, and I play by the rules. I win fair and square.

I am the only Michigan drivers license attorney I know of who requires Sobriety to accept a case and offers a Guarantee to win it. I’m not out there willing to take any old case from someone who will pay my Fee. You can offer me double my Fee, but if you’re not Sober, and you think you can still drink, I’m not interested, and I won't take your case. In other words, you need more than just a Retainer to hire me. This makes me different.

Anyone looking to get back on the road is understandably and foremost concerned about winning. Yet to me, it’s also about ethics and integrity. My integrity is not for sale. I’m not willing to just take somebody’s money to hold their hand and walk them through the License Appeal process without being sure that I am going to win their case. I am "in it to win it." Anything worth doing is worth doing right.

The Secretary of State has to be convinced that a person’s alcohol problem “is likely to remain under control.” That means “Sober.” If I did not require Sobriety as a condition to accept a Michigan license reinstatement appeal, or even if I could win a License back for someone who could “fool” the Secretary of State about their commitment to Sobriety, what would that say about me? What kind of person would do that?

You can bet that this has cost me a lot of money. I would certainly make a lot more money if I did not consider and mandate Sobriety as a “first requirement” to accept a Michigan driver’s license restoration case. Yet the payoff, while perhaps not calculable in dollars, is huge.

I feel good about what I do. I never help some risky drinker get back behind the wheel where they could hurt someone. I have a rock solid reputation for only filing License Appeals for people who are genuinely Sober. This is exactly why I win almost every single one of my Michigan drivers license reinstatement cases the first time, and why I Guarantee that I will.

Underlying every License case I take is truthfulness. As we prepare for their Hearing, I reassure every one of my Clients that beyond every little detail we’ve lined up, above and beyond all the evidence we’ve put together, and on top of everything else we’ve done, we’re going in to tell the truth, and nothing can top that.

Yes, I’m different, and yes, that costs me money, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Would you?

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Contact Us (586) 465-1980