Michigan DUI Simplified

I can ease your worry and produce the best outcome in this stressful situation.

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If you’re facing a DUI charge in the Detroit area, you are already full of questions and concerns.  You want things simplified, not complicated.  A drinking and driving charge is serious, but it is also manageable.  Probably more than at any other time in your life, you need expert help and a simple solution.  When you look for a DUI lawyer in Macomb, Oakland or Wayne County, you are really looking for someone who already knows what to do, and how to take over and make things better.  You need a lawyer who can make as much of this go away as possible, and who you can trust to look out for your well-being.  You deserve to breathe easier, knowing that your lawyer is doing everything that can be done to protect you from all the negative potential consequences from a DUI charge.

I am that lawyer.

You have questions that deserve real answers, not just responses that give rise to more questions, and more concerns.  The last thing you need is more anxiety.  You already know that a DUI seems to reach out and affect multiple aspects of your life, and can affect you on many different levels.  You don’t need scare tactics.  Once you’re facing the charge, it’s time to talk about solutions, not more problems.  Yet there’s more to being a good DUI lawyer than just sounding good.  You have to know that your lawyer is being honest with you, and not just feeding into what you want to hear.

I will provide an accurate and honest analysis of your case at every step.

Your drinking history and what you drank on the day of your arrest will take center stage in your DUI case.  Your overall relationship to alcohol will be closely examined.  This happens in every DUI case, because law requires the court to investigate these things.  The findings of this inquiry will determine what actually happens to you more than anything else, and this is where I provide an unequaled advantage.  I have special training in addiction studies.  If you’re facing a DUI charge, I can protect you from being treated like you have an alcohol problem when you don’t, because I speak the language of the clinician as well as the lawyer.  If there is a problem, I can make sure it isn’t seen as worse than it is.  Whatever the case, I can help you avoid the burden, expense and frustration of classes and treatment that aren’t necessary or right for you.

Success in a DUI case is determined mostly by what doesn’t happen to you.

To control what happens, it is imperative that I am the foremost expert in the courtroom regarding “alcohol,” in every sense of the word, meaning I have the expert knowledge to argue against the very people who may suggest that your drinking is risky, or troublesome, beyond this one incident.  I know that sometimes, things can just look worse than they are.  I will protect you from being seen as having an alcohol problem when you don’t.  I understand how alcohol affects a person when he or she consumes it and how it metabolizes in the body.  I also know how a person’s drinking can develop into alcohol abuse or dependence.  I have a thorough working knowledge of addiction and the many recovery processes that help.

I will make sure we put this behind you without turning your life upside down.

To ensure that I can do this effectively, I am actively involved in the ongoing study of alcohol and addiction issues at the post-graduate level.  When I walk into court, I have the confidence, backed by the formal education, that I know more about alcohol than anyone else there.  This specialized learning requires years of separate study in graduate school on a University campus.  It takes much (and tens of thousands of dollars) more time and commitment than training seminars, continuing education, or even “online” classes.  Being the most knowledgeable person in the courthouse regarding alcohol issues means that I can protect you in ways like no other lawyer.  In the final analysis, what matters most in any DUI case is what actually happens to you.  All of the talk and theory in the world don’t mean a thing if it doesn’t directly translate into making your situation better.  My expertise will have a real impact on your case.

No one can protect you better than me, and no one will work harder to do that.

If you want to discuss the minute details of your case, I can do that.  If, however, you just want the confidence of knowing that you can turn this situation over to me, and that I will analyze and examine all the evidence and facts and do everything possible to make your situation better so that you don’t have to worry about everything, I can do that, as well.  That’s DUI simplified.  It’s my job to make sure that the consequences of a DUI don’t cause you to lose your job, your freedom, or your dignity.  It’s your job to make sure that you have found the lawyer who can do that for you.

Now you have.