Michigan DUI

Michigan DUI streetA DUI arrest brings feelings of embarrassment, fear and regret. Although such feeling are normal, the truth is that a drunk driving charge is NOT the end of your world and much of that fear is misplaced. In most cases (and in almost every 1st offense case), jail is not even on the menu. Instead, you need to focus on getting through the process while avoiding as many of the realistic negative consequences as possible, like difficult probation and unnecessary counseling.

The Charge

As a Michigan DUI Lawyer, my job is straightforward: To get your drunk driving charge dismissed or reduced, and I'm in court almost every day doing just that. I can and will produce the best results possible in your case. I concentrate my DUI Practice to the Tri-County, Detroit-area courts of Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and surrounding Counties. Because I’m in the same local courts day-in and day-out, I know how things are done there, and how to make sure you get the fewest penalties.

The Evidence

In a DUI case, every single bit of evidence has to be carefully examined. A Michigan DUI charge won't dismiss itself. I know all the little things that determine whether a DUI charge can stick, or not. The evidence in a drunk driving case involves a lot more than just your score on a breath (or blood) test, and includes everything leading up your first contact with the police, the field sobriety tests, the methods used to collect and analyze your breath (or blood) sample, and the science underlying those results. I will carefully sort through all of it so you can get past this with as little damage as possible.

The Lawyer

If you're facing a DUI charge in Wayne, Oakland or Macomb County, you need a lawyer who is experienced, honest, and just plain good at this. You need someone you can really talk to, and who will tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear. I am that lawyer. With more than 25 years of experience as a Michigan DUI attorney, I bring an unsurpassed level of knowledge about how to really make things better for you. This is what defines me as a Detroit area DUI and DWI attorney. I provide the assurance of knowing that everything will be carefully examined in your case, along with the comfort of knowing someone you can genuinely trust is looking out for you.

There is a lot of stress wrapped up in a DUI charge. As much legal stuff as there is to all of this, it’s an equally important part of my job to put you at ease while I protect your interests. I am unique among DUI lawyers because I am clinically trained, having completed a formal program of addiction studies at the post-graduate, University level. This specialized education gives me the unrivaled ability to really help you avoid difficult probation with demanding classes, counseling and/or rehab when your drinking isn’t a problem, and the ability to help you like no other lawyer if your relationship to alcohol has become problematic. I will make sure that we get through all of this smoothly, so you can just be done with it and move on with your life.

Expert Help for You

The whole Court system has a built-in bias that tends to "see" a drinking issue even where there isn't one. If you are required to submit to any kind of alcohol testing as a condition of your bond, you've already had your first taste of that. Because of my unique educational background, I am especially able to protect you from being treated as if you have a drinking problem that you don't. I not only speak the language of lawyers and judges, but I also speak the language of clinicians, and I will speak on your behalf with unmatched authority in that regard. On the flip side, the court system is required to deal with every alcohol and drug problem it perceives, whether such any such issue actually exists or not. Although most Judges and probation officers are well-meaning, they are not clinicians. It is widely understood, in the clinical world, that the court system is at least a solid decade behind modern treatment protocols. The current trend is to match people with the kind of help that actually fits their needs instead of mashing everyone into AA meetings or other forms of treatment that they hate. I won't allow you to be left behind in that way.


The bottom line in any DUI case is what actually happens to you. Equally important is what DOES NOT happen by avoiding as many of the legal and practical consequences as possible. I produce the very best legal outcome in every case I take, and truly care about my clients. I put my heart and soul into making sure we get the best results. The DUI section of my website provides a great starting point for someone facing a drunk driving charge anywhere in Macomb, Oakland or Wayne County to get some real world information. To learn even more about DUI cases and how I can help with yours, go to the Drunk Driving section of my Blog, where I examine every facet of the DUI process, and why hiring a Michigan drunk driving lawyer like me is key to your success.

If you need to a hire lawyer for a DUI charge anywhere in the Metro-Detroit area (Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and surrounding counties), contact my office at 586-465-1980. All consultations are done over the phone, right when you call, and you can find us here to help, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

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