Suspended or Revoked License in Michigan - Short Version

Driving While License Suspended (DWLS) and Driving While License Revoked (DWLR) are two different Offenses covered under the very same Law. Legally speaking, they carry the same potential punishment.

Most (but not all) DWLS cases arise because of an unpaid Ticket somewhere in a person’s past. Most (but not all) DWLR cases trace the underlying License Revocation to multiple DUI convictions.

Both of these Offenses carries a possible Jail Sentence, although it is generally assumed that, amongst other things, hiring a good Lawyer will keep a person from getting locked up, and that’s true, particularly in places or in subsequent Offense cases where the prospect of Jail becomes increasingly likely. Staying out of Jail is important, of course, but once that that has been accomplished, or is otherwise assured, avoiding all the other negative consequences that go along with it is every bit as important, as well.

A conviction for DWLS or DWLR automatically result in an additional Driver’s License Suspension or Revocation, along with expensive Driver Responsibility Fees and Points on a person’s Driving Record. Avoiding these nightmarish consequences is best done by “avoiding” a conviction for Driving on a Suspended or Revoked License. This is done in the Plea Bargaining process, and having a Lawyer who specializes in this kind of case is certainly the best way to go about it.

Revoked License cases are generally the more “serious” of the two Offenses. The more prior DWLS or DWLR convictions a person has on his or her Record, the tougher things get. By the same token, Jail becomes more of a “viable” option to a Judge if a person keeps Driving despite not having a License.

Where a DWLS or DWLR case occurs probably has more to do with how easy or tough it will be than anything else. In that regard, Oakland County is generally the toughest of the Tri-Counties. Macomb and Wayne Counties are about equal in terms of being much more “understanding” than Oakland County.

At some point, a person will stand before the Judge, and the Judge will impose a Sentence. Again, having the right Lawyer will provide an huge advantage, because as the Judge looks up, before final Sentence is imposed, and listens to why he or she should not impose Jail or difficult Probation or whatever other consequences are on the menu, what is said at that moment will probably be amongst the most important things ever said on the person’s behalf.

There are two other Driving while License Suspended sections on this website, each with far more detail than this overview: A larger, more detailed examination of the charges, and a section of more moderate length without as much detail. In addition, my Blog has numerous highly-detailed and informational articles that scrutinize every single aspect of DWLS and DWLR charges, and the Court processes by which they are handled.

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