The Importance of a Guarantee

Many of my Clients remark that it was my Guarantee that influenced their decision to hire me for their Michigan Driver’s License Restoration or Clearance Appeal.  I am profoundly grateful for that, yet I cannot imagine NOT backing up my claims of success, along with the experience and skill I rely upon to make such claims with anything less than an ironclad warranty.  After all, if you lose your License Appeal, you can’t even file again for another 12 months.  Winning your case the first time is of paramount importance.

There are very specific rules and requirements one must meet to win back their Michigan License, or obtain a “Clearance” so that they can obtain and out-of-state License.  These are fixed rules and set requirements.  They don’t change, or at least not that often, and it’s the Attorney’s job to be up to date with any such changes.  I certainly am.

By screening out those people who are not ready to win an Appeal, and not taking their cases, I let a lot of money go out the door.  As an Attorney, there is far more income to be had by just taking anyone’s case who will pay your Fee, whether or not they otherwise meet the Michigan Secretary of State’s criteria to win a License Appeal.  The problem, though, is if that’s the standard by which an Attorney represents people, he or she absolutely cannot offer any kind of Guarantee.

I make my money winning License and Clearance Appeals the first time around.  I am invested in screening potential Clients to make sure they can win, and then doing everything just right, while paying attention to the “million little rules” that govern a Michigan Driver’s License Restoration case.  

So what’s the catch?

You have to have quit drinking.  About the very first question any Attorney should ask a potential Client is: “When was your last drink?”  Establishing that a person has become Sober is the absolute minimum requirement to even have a chance to win a License Appeal.  If you disagree, then try it on your own, or with another Attorney who doesn’t require Sobriety.  You won’t get a Guarantee, and you won’t get your License back, either.  

The most important point of the License Appeal process is, by Law, to make sure a person’s “alcohol problem…is under control, and likely to remain under control.”  This means that a person, through the evidence they submit, has to show that they are likely to NOT drink again.  Saying it is one thing, but proving it is quite another.  If you have tried before, then you already know that.

As an Attorney, I cannot offer a Guarantee without requiring Sobriety, but I cannot require Sobriety without losing a lot of potential Clients.  Many people call my Office who may need a little direction about Sobriety, and how much clean time they’re going to need before we can get the License Restoration process underway, and that’s fine.  I’m glad to help.  

I won’t take your money unless I know I can win your License back, and if I do take your money, you get a Guarantee that I will.  This means there’s no risk to you.  If you become my Client, you know that your “chances” have been evaluated, and that my Guarantee equals 100% certainty that I’ll get you back on the road.  You simply cannot do better than that.

By contrast, I think the absence of a Guarantee speaks to the confidence an Attorney has in his or her abilities, and it is indicative of the standard they use to accept cases.  If that “standard” is only quantifiable in dollars, then to the potential Client, paying for that kind of Representation amounts to nothing more than a wager.  Think about it:  Would you buy a new refrigerator or a new TV that didn’t have a warranty?  Of course not!  Why, then,  would you ever hire an Attorney for a License Appeal without a Guarantee?