The Importance of the Voice of the Lawyer

Amongst all the information on this site, my blog, and just about every other website on the Internet, there is very little about the importance of the “voice” of a Michigan DUI lawyer. Yet for all the considerations one should take into account as they search for the right Michigan attorney to represent their DUI case, the “voice” of the Lawyer they select is as important as any, and more important than most.

I have long preached that an important part of finding the right Lawyer is finding a person with whom the client is comfortable, and I truly believe that. But I also believe that the right DUI lawyer to represent you in a Michigan courtroom must have an unsurpassed ability to communicate charismatically, clearly, and persuasively. Why would anyone even consider hiring any Detroit DUI attorney that offered less?

I remember someone years ago saying that a Lawyer who stutters, or who isn’t particularly captivating or fluid in his or her speech, is analogous to a Surgeon with bad eyesight or Parkinson’s disease. After all, isn’t the ability to captivate the listener and to speak persuasively (and that means having the ability to change a person’s opinion) the very essence of what a competent courtroom lawyer does, or at least should do?

Think about that for a moment: being persuasive means having the ability to influence a person’s thinking and to change their mind. This is a critical trait for a Detroit DUI lawyer to have when standing before a Judge.

Knowing Michigan Law and being a competent legal tactician are important attributes of a good DUI Defense lawyer. However, those skills essentially lose any value when the person who possesses them is anything less than unusually charismatic and persuasive. What good, really, is a lawyer whose ability to communicate anything less than spectacular?

I know that if I needed a lawyer, I’d want someone familiar with the Court and the Judge and the Prosecutors and how things are done wherever my case might be; but those are just minimum qualifications. Above all else, I’d want someone whose ability to speak is especially and exceptionally captivating, charismatic and persuasive. I certainly wouldn’t want to trust my interests to a Michigan attorney defending me in a DUI or Criminal case whose communication and speaking abilities were anything less than exceptional.

Remember, you’re looking for that “voice” that speaks to you. If you’re not taken by it, how likely do you think the Prosecutor and Judge handling your case will be?

If there is one thing that defines me as a Detroit DUI and DWI attorney, it is the ability to communicate clearly and persuasively. My "voice" comes through loud and clear on this site, and in my numerous blog articles.

Calling a Lawyer’s Office is much the same. The person answering the phones is, whether they know it or not, the “Director of First Impressions.” If the person who answers your call is not particularly friendly, or cannot answer some of your questions, then you’re left searching for that voice, and hoping for a miracle as your call gets transferred down the line….

If you are looking to hire a lawyer for a Michigan DUI or DWI case, call me to see how I "speak" to your concerns. I know I can help you.

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