The Right Michigan DUI Lawyer can make Things Better

As a Michigan DUI Lawyer who handles drunk driving cases from places like New Baltimore, Shelby Township and Rochester Hills to Novi and Livonia to Saint Clair Shores, and all points in-between, throughout Macomb, Oakland and Wayne Counties, I know that everyone’s first concern is to stay out of jail, and to then avoid as many of the penalties as possible from a DUI arrest, like losing your driver's license.

More knowledge and experience to help you

I'm not just another DUI lawyer. Because I have completed a formal, post-graduate program of addiction studies, I bring a whole other dimension of useful clinical, legal and scientific knowledge to your case. I will make sure you are not perceived by the court as having a drinking problem when you don't, but if you know, or even suspect, that your relationship to alcohol has grown troublesome, I can offer help unlike any other lawyer. Whether your drinking is a problem or not, I will use my clinical expertise to produce the best outcome possible in your case.  

In many of my DUI blog articles, I have examined steps involved in a drunk driving case, including the ultra-important and mandatory written alcohol assessment test.  Under Michigan DUI law, before the Judge can decide what kind of sentence to impose, you must be screened to see if you have, or are at any kind of risk to develop a drinking problem.  And to be clear, anyone being screened for a DUI already starts with a mark against them.  The court system is well known to have a built-in “alcohol bias” and to often over-diagnose.  In other words, anyone going through the DUI court process is at a much higher risk to be found to have a problem where there is none.  For those whose drinking has become a problem, the big risk is that it will be perceived as being more serious than it actually is. 

In the Detroit area, this screening is done by the court’s probation department.  In addition to meeting with a probation officer who will gather background information about you, and the circumstances surrounding your arrest, you will be complete the written “test.”  Based upon your score on that assessment and the other information about you and the drunk driving incident, the PO will submit a written sentencing recommendation to the Judge advising him or her what kind of classes, counseling, supervision and penalties should be imposed upon you.  In the real world, the recommendation typically serves as a blueprint for what’s going to happen to you.  A good recommendation usually results in a better sentence, while a tougher recommendation doesn’t bode very well.  This is where I can help you more than anyone.

It really all comes down to this: you hire a lawyer to keep you out of jail and produce the best outcome possible in your case. As your Detroit-area DUI lawyer, my job is to avoid as many of legal penalties as possible, including jail. I do just that every single day. This is the point of hiring a lawyer in the first place. I am exceptionally good at what I do, and I enjoy making things better for my clients. With more than 25 years of experience practicing as a Detroit DUI attorney, I know what to do and exactly how to do it.

Hiring a better lawyer

I have written about what a very important factor “the voice of the lawyer” is when deciding which Michigan DUI lawyer to hire. Who wants a Lawyer whose voice is just another in the chorus? If you really want things made better, then you have to step up and do better. That sounds great, but what does it really mean?

"Better," means Strength, Experience, Honesty and Reasonableness:

Strength isn't about being brash or bold or loud or stubborn. It means not "selling out" and letting you get stuck with a charge that could be beaten. Strength manifests itself in many ways: It can be a measured silence, or it can be a powerful response; it can favor a compromise, or it can support holding fast to your side of the argument.

Experience means that I've not only handled thousands of Michigan DUI cases, but I've done it in the same group of local courts, in front of the same Judges and prosecutors, over and over again. If you hire me as your DUI lawyer, you will not be paying my tuition to learn my way around some far away Michigan court. For a long time, I've worked by the standard that if I don't go there regularly, I don't go there at all.

Honesty is, in my view, the most important for a trait for a lawyer. I will never just tell you what you want to hear. Instead, I will always be honest, and never sugar-coat the truth. Being honest means doing right thing, as opposed to just doing the easy thing. Honest people are admired for their good character and sound judgment, and always stand out from the crowd.

Reasonableness means that stepping up and getting a better Michigan DUI attorney doesn't mean getting ripped off by paying too much for too little. Paying more does not always mean getting more.  In exchange for the fees I charge, however, I provide a level of helpful knowledge unmatched by anyone else.

I protect my clients and their interests, and I do it with all of my heart and soul. Every day, in the courtrooms of the Tri-County area, I help them avoid all kinds of difficult probation, including unnecessary classes, counseling and treatment. I stand by each and every client and help him or her safely navigate through the court system and emerge safe and sound and intact. The end result is that I truly make things better in every case I handle.

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